Knowing the cost of maid services, you have to make sure to maximize their cleaning time. Here are some tips on how to maximize the cleaning time of your maid service and make out of the most of their service.

Sort out your clothes beforehand. 

Sort our clothes, put the dirty ones in the laundry and the clean ones in your drawer or closet. This is a simple task that can be done by the members of your family.  At the same time, this gives your house cleaners to focus on more important matters. 

A housekeeping service will spend time dusting, cleaning, and vacuuming your space. Therefore, your clothes will likely be exposed to dirt and dust and will become dirty. 

Pre-clean your space.

Before your maid service arrives, make sure you organize and tidy your space from any clutter. This includes picking up toys, washing dishes, and folding your clothes. To get the most out of your cleaning service, it is essential that every hour is spent on cleaning.  Therefore, taking some simpler tasks out of their plates will give them room to prioritize cleaning. 

Provide Specific Instructions.  

You need to inform your cleaners ahead of time if you have a special request to be performed and explain it to them. Letting them know ahead will help them decide if they have the right tools, and skills to do it safely. This will save time and energy as they will prepare the necessary things before going to your place. On the other hand, the cost of carpet cleaning may differ, or your maid service doesn’t do such at all. So, make sure that you’re clear on this one. 

Keep your Pets Out of the Way.

If you have animals at home, keep them in another room or if possible out of the home during your scheduled cleaning services. This is to make sure that time is spent cleaning rather than your dog or cat chasing the broom of your house cleaners. It is easier to clean if there are fewer distractions around the house. This is very important, most especially if your cleaner comes with disinfection services. 

Let them know your expectations 

A reliable maid cleaning service knows the best practices, yet to ensure they completely hit all your requirements, let them know your expectations. Calling them before they go to your home is a must. That way, you can tell them the things they are going to face inside your house. It’ll help them prepare the necessary tools and cleaning products for removing any stubborn stains or foul smell. For instance, the approach for marble countertop cleaning is different, so you have to be careful on that. The service you hire should know what they’re doing. You don’t want to end up having your countertop damaged. 

Hire a reliable professional maid service

When you hire a cleaner, you’re inviting someone into your most special space, to interact with your family and touch your personal and valuable items. Hence, make sure you hire a reliable one  .